Work: Cellar Door

The past few months have been busy ones! I’ve been chipping away at secret projects that are very recently now open for discussion, so I wanted to share them with all of you! Next up on the list is ‘Cellar Door’, a sci-fi/horror anthology being published through Chimera’s Comics with funding currently going on Kickstarter HERE!


This is a project that’s been in the works for some time now, and man, the end result of what’s in this book show just why the wait is worth it. There are more than a dozen creators with work featured in this anthology, all from the community that we’ve built around the comic shop I work at, either through having people in for book signings or vaguely mentioning they dabble in art or writing, or working with us on previous projects like ‘The Magnificent’! Here’s a bit of progress from various creators involved with the anthology:

You’ve got writers like Kevin Michael Folliard, a genius horror writer who’s been published all across the internet and has lots of titles for young adult readers as well, or Rafael Nieves, who has tons of amazing indie comics like ‘Forgotten Lore’ or ’10/31′, and has even done work for Marvel! Carmelo Chimera, who wrote ‘The Magnificent’, another project I helped with ink-work, also has several pieces in this anthology, including one I helped him on again with art! Here’s a little view at ‘The Oedipus Paradox’:

I also did my own piece that I wrote and illustrated, perhaps a bit too-last-second, but done and submitted nonetheless! Here’s a peek at ‘Badland Lights’:

So while my pieces are largely black and white, there’s a bunch of great color stuff in here too, like the ‘Sapphire Spectre’ special from JT Molloy, ‘Pumpkin Patch’ from Tim McIlvain, and ‘Cellar Door’ by Guy Casper and Francesca Chimera!

Again, this feels a lot like a family collaboration because it really is; the community that Chimera’s Comics fosters is like to no other and it encourages creators, both seasoned veterans and first-timers alike, to really get involved with these projects and share their work with the world. If you love geek culture, from comic books to movies, art to gaming, and more, consider joining our humble group on FACEBOOK!

Otherwise, if you like what you’ve been seeing, please consider a donation or pledge to our Kickstarter, which you can check out HERE. Thank you all, as always, for all of your love and support of my craft. Seeing people’s reactions to the things I have to say or the images I draw means everything to me and keeps me chipping away at new, bigger projects. From the bottom of my heart, you are all the most wonderful followers one could ask for!


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