Work: It’s Just a Game

The past few months have been busy ones! I’ve been chipping away at secret projects that are very recently now open for discussion, so I wanted to share them with all of you!

First up, from the mind of Daniel Emery Taylor, ‘It’s Just a Game’! This indie horror film, produced in part by James Azrael of the Horror & Sci-Fi Prop Preservation Association, tells the story of urban legends, both new and old, colliding into the lives of some unsuspecting teens in a brutal and prophetic way. The film’s worldwide premiere takes place on Saturday, December 1st at Hollywood Palms Cinema in Naperville! Further information and limited tickets are available HERE! If you’re a local horrorhound, we’d love to see you there; with the price of your ticket, you also get a free poster, a copy of the comic, a Q&A session as well as a special meeting with the cast and crew of the film!

In a companion project to the film, I got the opportunity to work with James, a local comic writer Rafael Nieves (Hellstorm, 10/31, Forgotten Lore) and comic colorist Tom Luth (Usagi Yojimbo, Mad Magazine) to create a prelude comic further exploring the mysteries surrounding the film’s legends, titled: ‘Tales from ‘It’s Just a Game: Creepy Pasta’!



The comic was only just revealed to the public as well as the cast, so to finally be able to discuss my work on this is exciting but also met with such love and support. I can’t express my gratitude enough to everyone involved in creating the comic, the film, and engaging in the community to get the word out there about the film’s premiere and upcoming kickstarter! The initial theater room that was booked has been expanded to allow for more attendees, so truly, this has been a huge project of love come to fruition.


The comic features my illustrations, which were a combination of traditional inking and digital fixing, the latter of which I am having to relearn from a foundational perspective. It’s been fascinating, stress inducing, heartwarming…so many things, really. Last but not least, I worked again with James to design a special enamel pin for the upcoming kickstarter, a masthead-styled mask of Skullgirl (minus credits and watermark, of course)!


You guys have always been so loving and kind when reading my articles, checking out my art and sharing, so I’m reaching out to you about this new, big project from my life! Please help us make the release of ‘It’s Just a Game’ a big success, both at the premiere, but also on the blu-ray’s kickstarter, happening HERE. Every pledge truly means the world, and why not get some cool stuff out of it, too?


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