Blog: New Years Reflections

It’s been quite a year. The end of 2016 left so many people feeling uncertain, afraid even, to face the year that was to follow. Rightfully so, as 2017 offered sociological and political struggle, deeply personal divide, and oppression stacked further on to the oppressed. It’s been pretty fucked, let’s be honest.

There has been some good, and right at the end of it all, that last day before digital clocks tick over into January and into a new year full of other uncertainty and possibilities, I try my utmost to not only look back on the bad to repair and grow, but also to see what went right, what we accomplished…What accomplished.

That’s the toughest thing in the world for me to say, laid out right there. Me. I. Myself. If this past year of brutality has taught me anything, it’s that I must not bury down all sense of self. I must be true, but really, only do so for my own gain. If anyone around me happens to like being around that, even better. But I need to be more honest with how I feel, with the things and people that I love, and of course, with myself.

This year, from the very start, I was lighting the fire of motivation to dedicate passionately to the work that I did. I became a manager where I worked, and I busted ass to make things happen. I tried anything and everything, and guess what, not all of it worked, but I still feel some pride over what DID. I spent a lot of time researching comics and their history and that knowledge has helped me build a new stack of fantastic acquaintances, people who support local businesses and many of whom ALSO operate their own. I suppose the biggest lesson learned from my occupation is that pace is key. I enjoy being excited about the work that I do, but I must work to save myself from being overwhelmed, from digging my head too deep into it, that I don’t really live and enjoy it.

My art was also a huge priority. I wanted to draw more, push harder to breathe some real life into my pieces, and most importantly, I wanted to create things based on what I love, judgement of others be damned. So I did, and yet, I was met with such overwhelming support and love, and JOBS because of it. I’ve worked with so many wonderful people this year, many who have become fast friends that helped me through troubled times by encouraging my craft and becoming regular patrons to my services.

Paired with this, writing is something I wanted to develop, both fictional works and critical essays, which was a year-long affair. My beautiful friend Heidi and I spent months each honing skills that we’d let lie dormant for some time, and with each meeting we shared works, I felt the words become stronger, more meaningful, better structured. It’s such a moving thing to look back on now, to see where I started and where I’ve come, and it’s lead into part of my 2018 resolution, which was to regularly update my website, not just with visual works, but also with articles and reviews and more. I got started early, and thank goodness for that, or I might’ve lost the steam to even get started by the time January rolls around.

There are other goals I tried for, things like improving my health and fitness, that didn’t go right, but I tried a few things and in doing so, learned a few things. So goals for next year?

  • Get back to work on fitness
  • Keep going with art, with writing, and update regularly
  • Create a totally new portfolio with my existing works and new pieces to come
  • LIVE a little, be adventurous, be every bit myself as I want to, because why the fuck shouldn’t I?

Thank you to everyone who helped me get through this year. My devoted, loving partner, my ceaselessly supportive friends and family, my fantastic bosses and dedicated co-workers, and my online community that help to inspire me everyday.

I hope all of you have coped through this difficult year and triumphed. I hope that 2018 brings you so much more and gives you the light you deserve. Bless you for following me on my journey here, and cheers to the many more times we will share our love of many things!





























Some secrets are not meant to be kept…

Invisible Sun

Coming in 2018


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